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effective strategies to recruit and retain

At Whitehouse Advisors LLC, we focus on services that help companies develop more effective strategies to recruit and retain senior executives and build a strong leadership team. Because we have no ties to any search firm or other vendor and accept no fees for any recommendations we make, Whitehouse Advisors brings an unbiased perspective to each project.

Creating Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Whitehouse Advisors reviews your total recruitment approach, from global hiring procedures and onboarding through measurement, succession planning and future leadership requirements, to identify your key talent acquisition strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, through interviews with current and past candidates, your internal stakeholders and your search partners, we gather insights from those who have had first-hand experience with your recruitment process and its results.

Working with your recruitment and management teams, we together build a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy that aligns with your short- and long-term business goals and ongoing leadership needs.

Building Your Internal Recruitment Function

We assess your internal recruitment function, including your recruitment team and its responsibilities, your systems and software, vendor agreements and how you work with your internal clients and external partners. We examine:

  • Options around managing recruiting in house versus outsourcing
  • How to make the most effective use of your internal resources, ensuring that the right strategies and skill sets are aligned
  • Social media strategies and effective use of the Internet
  • Cost efficiencies and systems that could considerably reduce the cost of your executive hires

Our recommendations focus on tangible, implementable ways to enhance your executive recruitment initiatives and improve the company’s bottom line.

Evaluating and Forging External Search Partnerships

Whitehouse Advisors has extensive experience in helping companies develop guidelines to determine if and when to go outside to search for an executive hire.

  • We create a structure for competitive proposals, establish the right metrics to use in making your decision and negotiate contracts that make the best sense for your specific situation
  • We train you on launching the search for the fastest and most efficient results, developing regular and effective communications, taking advantage of insights from the marketplace and developing a post-assessment process that strengthens your talent acquisition approach

As a result, you have a formal process in place to make the right decision about using outside resources and maximizing the cost effectiveness of these external search firm relationships.

Managing the Recruitment Process

From time to time, companies face the need for interim management of their executive recruitment process.

Whitehouse Advisors has the experience and skills to step in to move your recruitment initiatives forward, seamlessly and on strategy, while you look for new talent acquisition team members. At the same time, as we get to know your company and your hiring processes, we make recommendations on how to streamline your recruitment and enhance your skill base.

Interviewing and Assessing Candidates

Effective interviewing and assessing candidates are critical to the success of a search, but are perhaps the two most difficult skills to master. Whitehouse Advisors can conduct interviews and assessments on behalf of clients, for the entire candidate slate or the short list of finalists, to provide objectivity at the final stages of the search. We also help you establish a disciplined process to gathering complete information on your candidates, including background, leadership skills and culture fit.

With these tools, which can be consistently implemented by both recruiters and line managers, you can make sure that the final candidate is more effectively onboarded into your business, mitigating risk during the first ninety days.

Measuring Recruitment Success

Whitehouse Advisors has worked across multiple industries in providing an effective approach to metrics for each client. We bring that discipline to every new engagement in determining the right metrics to assess the value of all aspects of your recruitment process and measuring the true success of your new executive hires. We teach our clients:

  • How to get candid feedback from your internal stakeholders, outside service providers and candidates on what has been successful and what needs improvement
  • The importance of evaluating both internal and external recruiting sources by tracking “stick rate” and retention for each resource
  • How to improve executive onboarding and monitoring the first year to make sure the selected candidate is adding value and assimilating effectively into your culture.

Whitehouse Advisors helps make sure you have the formal measurement systems to continue to improve your recruitment efforts.

“360 Degree Talent Acquisition”

When was the last time your recruitment team came together to brainstorm ways to enhance operations and learn new approaches in an open environment with an expert facilitator? Whitehouse Advisors has developed a comprehensive “360 Degree Talent Acquisition” Workshop – tailored training modules offered separately or as part of a one-day seminar, and customized to your specific needs and recruitment approach:

  • Today’s Recruiting Landscape
  • Models of Talent Acquisition
  • Optimizing the Recruiting Process
  • Pre-search Strategies for Maximizing Success
  • Attracting the Passive Candidate
  • The Culture Connection – Recruiting for “Fit”
  • Assessment – What You Must Know Before You Test
  • Customizing the Interview
  • Candidate Engagement and Management
  • Employment Branding – Is It Helping or Hurting You?

With this training, your company has the tools and techniques in-house that improve the efficiency of your talent acquisition process and the quality of your executive hires.