Recruiting Senior Talent for a Rapidly Changing Business

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Recruiting Senior Talent for a Rapidly Changing Business

The Client:

A leading alternative asset management company investing globally for a wide range of institutional clients.

The Challenge:

The company, in a period of unprecedented growth, had historically worked almost exclusively with contingency firms. The few retained searches had resulted in failed engagements and high-fee losses. Now, in an effort to recruit experienced managers, the firm needed to know the best retained search firms and recruiters for a record number of seasoned hires.

The Solution:

Whitehouse Advisors was retained to build the company’s senior hires function and to identify “best in class” retained search partners that could support the company’s rapidly expanding business. We also trained hiring managers in their responsibilities throughout the recruiting process and in interviewing techniques.

The Result:

We successfully partnered with department managers across the company’s business lines to complete 30 new senior management hires.